The culture of the future.


ELONDOGE is a project that takes the mission to prepare society for the Mars colony seriously. With $EDOGE, we can power the Mars society with a universal basic income thru the reflectivity mechanism, expanding liquidity while producing endless ELON+DOGE NFTs as a proof of culture. These NFTs are the golden tickets for those chosen to be on the first MARS journey.


The mission is led by an experienced dev that is truly passionate about DOGE and ELON MUSK. Eloncapitan will do everything he can to make sure this project goes the distance. With assistance from Eloncapitan's pet Dogemater as well as his robot servant Muskbeater, the ELONDOGE project will be something to believe in!

culture contribution tax (CCT) on all EDOGE transactions.
Half of Weekly
Liquidity Added


Price_ $0.00000000834+

Holders 15,000+

Burnt_Supply 418 trillIons

Twitter_Follows 12,100+

Telegram_Users 10,300+

Mission Log.

Wow Chart

On a journey like ours, we'll need ample supply, Sir! Pack your bags because once we BURN, there will be no turning back! It's the only way to guarantee a fair and safe voyage for every ElonDoger.

Wow Mars Mission.

Much Science

Very token metrics.

Every ElonDoge transaction goes a long way to our mission, Sir ElonDoger!


Many liquid. Wow auto.

Automatic liquidity on PancakeSwap and Uniswap and BakerySwap and all the other forks, Sir! (Just kidding, just one first!)


Manual amaze.

Burning $EDOGE is part of our routine, but not always, so that we can’t be attacked! Let’s go to the moon, Sir!


NFT Expansion x Hype Machine

Reinvent the wheel with more good.

visual interactive experience

NFTs for the Universe's Greatest Doge

ElonDoge sets aside resources for the NFT foundry on Mars every time you make a transaction. Make our move to Mars a thriving economic operation, fellow ElonDoger!

visual interactive experience

Fair Launch for the Mars Launch

We can all go to the moon together safely, so let’s get to Mars together! Everybody gets their share at the same time. On the count of 3... 2... 1... vroom vroom...

visual interactive experience

Growth from Static Drops 2.0

Sit pretty with your stack and 5% of every transaction will make it to us HODLers! The size of each stack determines your allocation per transaction, and don’t forget about them NFTs!

Available on Trust Wallet and Metamask ©

How to Buy ElonDoge

EDOGE Token Address:

1. Create a New Wallet on Trust
Download the Trust Wallet mobile app on the App Store or Google Play.
Note: Metamask is also supported.
2. Add EDOGE to your Wallet
On the Tokens page, tap the slider icon to search for or add EDOGE.
Copy Address
Make sure to confirm that you have the correct token address.
3. Buy BNB aka "Smart Chain"
Tap on Smart Chain in the Wallet page and then Buy to obtain BNB if you do not have already.
Note: BNB is the native token for Binance Smart Chain.
4. Go to PancakeSwap on the Browser tab.
Go to PancakeSwap and select a currency -> EDOGE. Import the EDOGE address.
Note: Connect your wallet by tapping the top right icon.
5. Set your slippage and Buy EDOGE.
Tap the Slider icon and set your slippage to 12%. Then hit Swap to obtain your EDOGE.
Note: Increase slippage if the transaction does not go through.


What is ElonDoge?

ElonDoge ($EDOGE) is the greatest moon Mars mission ever drafted in the world of cryptocurrency, launching first on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token. We’re on course for Sector 7 in the Nebuelon galaxy and we’ve got a ton of Fair Launch fuel supply to get us there! That’s right, no VCs, no private sales - even our beloved Capitan Elon’s crew will have to get in along with everyone else!

What sets ElonDoge apart?

Our Elondoge-y space station is self-sustaining and almost fully operational: we’ve got NFT Auction pods, Yield Farms, Reflectivity Modules, Automatic Liquidity Injectors, Manual Engine Burners, the sky’s the limit for our maiden voyage! No months-long vaporware around this galaxy! (Or years long in Cardano’s case *cough cough*...)

Where can we buy ElonDoge?

Our paws are up in excitement to be officially declared as Memepad.co's 1st ever IDO. An IDO is an Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering that gets our ElonDoge-yness into the strong paws we’ll be needing to get to Phobos and Deimos! Doggies like treats so we’re launching shortly after on the yummy PancakeSwap exchange, found on the BSC network.

What is the initial burn?

To get our rocket off safely into orbit, we will be burning a whopping 300,000,000,000,000 (too many zeroes!) EDOGE by sending them to the Black Hole that is the 0xdead Ethereum address.

What is the NFT Foundry? What is "Half of Weekly Liquidity Added"?

In order to make things simple for our 1st voyagers, we have increased astronaut holder rewards to 5% AND instead of a separate large tax for NFT production, we will obtain our NFT resources from 50% of the excess BNB liquidity added (from the 5% liquidity transaction tax) on a 7-day basis. 50% of the excess EDOGE liquidity added (from the 5% liquidity transaction tax) will be used for Marketing efforts on Mars and for Farming Supply sustainability.

I don’t get it, I thought you were just a memecoin?

Just because we like to have fun, doesn’t mean we can’t build an actual doggy rocket! And we are, so come join us, beep boop! I mean ruff ruff.